Volunteer Opportunities

CareCHOICES volunteers provide unique support through patient companionship, art, music, pet therapy, phone support, clerical assistance, special projects, and more.  Our volunteers are a team of expertly trained and committed individuals who give of their time, talents, and compassion to help fulfill the volunteer mission of CareCHOICES – excellence in every encounter.


Office Needs
Volunteer opportunities at our Orange County office in Irvine, California include:

  • Excel Spreadsheet and Word Document Development
  • Paperwork Data Entry
  • IT, Software, Hardware
  • Filing, Auditing, Organizing
  • Graphic Design, Email Marketing


Patient Needs
Friendly male and female volunteers visit a patient once or twice a week in homes and assisted living facilities throughout the greater Orange County area and southern Los Angeles County. The extraordinary services provided are numerous, but at a minimum include:

  • Spiritual Support
  • Talking and Listening
  • Reading to a Patient
  • Writing Letters for a Patient
  • Playing Games with a Patient
  • Painting or Doing Crafts
  • Singing or Playing an Instrument
  • Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting
  • Certified Pet Therapy Visits
  • Giving the Patient’s Spouse or Caregiver a Break to Rest or Run Errands

If you have special talents or experience that you would like to contribute through volunteering, please feel free to contact us to see how we could best match your skills with our needs.


Volunteer Training

All CareCHOICES volunteers receive extensive Hospice Volunteer Training.  Our training includes the history of hospice, volunteer role education, effective care and communication techniques, HIPPA regulations overview, boundaries, infection control, safety precautions, and proper documentation procedures. We are committed to providing our volunteers with the most comprehensive education and training available to ensure continued volunteer success.


Interested in volunteering? Contact:

Volunteer Team