Through each moment of our life, we continue to evolve and transform.  The people we were yesterday and the people we will be tomorrow are, simply put, different.

As you or a loved one deals with the reality of a life-limiting illness, CareCHOICES Hospice and Palliative Services, Inc. offers care and treatment options consistent with your advanced care planning goals and your ever-changing needs.

CareCHOICES Hospice focuses on comfort and symptom management while improving the quality of life in an atmosphere of dignity, compassion, and hope. Through our interdisciplinary team approach to hospice care, CareCHOICES addresses the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of both the patient and the family.  We work together to provide a personalized plan of care developed in concert with and for each individual.

Your care, your way...as it should be.


Hospice offers many options for care. In shared decision making with you, the hospice interdisciplinary group and physician will coordinate the services that best meet your needs during every part of the hospice journey.

Some of the services provided include:

  • Regular visits by hospice nurses trained in comfort, pain and intensive symptom management.
  • Hospice physician visits from CareCHOICES team physicians.
  • Visits by a certified hospice aide to provide personal care, time, and attention.
  • Psychosocial and spiritual support for patients, families, and caregivers offered by hospice interfaith chaplains and social workers.
  • Access to 24-hour nurse triage telephone consultation and after hours emergency visit care, as required.
  • Coordination of appropriate medications, home medical equipment and medical supplies as you have need for comfort management.
  • Increased levels of care, with potentially up to 24 hours of shift care for very limited periods of crisis care, when symptoms and pain may be too difficult to manage without a potential unwanted emergency department visit or hospitalization.
  • Trained volunteers who provide companionship, assistance, and support.
  • Bereavement care for the family and loved ones throughout illness progression and during a minimum of 13 months following their loved one's end of life.


Hospice care is intended for those with a life-limiting medical prognosis of six months or less, who are no longer receiving curative treatment.

At CareCHOICES, we understand that you have chosen to live the remaining months of your life on your terms and to the best of your ability.  Whether you have chosen to be at home, reside in a long-term care facility or wherever else you may call home, your CareCHOICES Hospice Team will be with you every step along the way.

After all, this is your journey...

CareCHOICES Hospice and Palliative Services, Inc. offers care to all Medicare, MediCal and private insurance patients. Our admissions specialists are available to answer all inquiries regarding coverage of hospice services so that you and your family have no worries about any of the financial aspects of your hospice services.

Plan of Care

Working with you and your caregivers, your CareCHOICES Hospice Team will develop a plan of care that is designed to support you in enhancing your quality of life, maintaining your desired level of activity and preserving your dignity. We involve you in every decision and educate you and your caregivers as your illness progresses.

There are many choices of care that are available at any stage of your illness and remember, as your needs change, we change with you.

Interdisciplinary Team

CareCHOICES offers you a holistic approach to hospice care.  Your team of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, chaplains, certified hospice aides, and volunteers work with you and your family to provide care, support, and guidance in the shared decision making process about your plan of care.

Your CareCHOICES Hospice Team and after hours care staff members will be available to you 24-hours a day, every day.


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