Bereavement Support

You have been on an unimaginable journey, providing compassionate care for your loved one and focusing your time, attention, and resources on their comfort.

Now that their body is at rest, it is time to take care of the people they loved: yourself and your family.  By allowing yourself the same quality of care you provided to your loved one, you honor and memorialize the unique relationship you shared with them.

Your CareCHOICES team has been with you throughout your loved one’s illness, and we will continue to guide you through the grieving process.

CareCHOICES offers an array of bereavement resources:

CareCHOICES Communications
Over the next year, we will stay in touch with you through a series of phone calls, letters, and short articles that we hope will help guide you through and support you during your healing process.

Counseling Opportunities
Chaplains and social workers are available by telephone or in person to provide grief support and help you understand some of the milestones along this journey. Trained volunteers are also available to provide companionship, encouragement, and support.

“Traveling Together” Support Group

With meetings led by experienced bereavement specialists, we ensure you have a safe place to express your feelings, concerns, and questions. Professionals facilitate conversations and activities in a compassionate, supportive environment with those having experiences and emotions similar to yours.  Together, you will find strength, purpose, meaning, and peace.

Annual Remembrance Service
You will receive an invitation to CareCHOICES’ annual interfaith community memorial service. Together we honor and celebrate the memory of those we have lost during the past year.

Ongoing Workshops
Workshops will be offered throughout the year to provide information and support. Topics may surround issues arising from holidays, milestones, children, memories, and more.

Grieving is a very individual journey that takes important healing time and many different directions for each person. There are no time limits and no right way to move through this. But we will walk alongside you to discover just what you need to make this transition in your life without your loved one. Let us help.

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